The truth is that every level of government is corrupt.

Things have become so bad with regard to political corruption that the Torygraph has been forced to turn against it’s traditional ally…

Senior Conservatives have subsidised their country estates at taxpayers’ expense, with the upkeep of swimming pools, clearance of moats and even the salaries of domestic staff, all claimed on parliamentary expenses.

They even have a nice little video of Sir Micheal Spicer’s helipad expense claim.

Government, in all forms, and any pretence at ‘democracy’ collapsed under the weight of decadence and greed a long time ago. For the past 30 years people have been forced to vote for the ‘lesser evil’ rather than vote for who they feel best repesents their interests (not that any political party even pretends to represent the interests of the poor). Reform is now a horse so dead that even Charles Saatchi would have trouble flogging it. But if we take a closer look at the mechanisms of government there is good reason for optimism.

The sole purpose of government is to keep the socio-economic machine running smoothly. All modern governments place emphasis on the economic at the expense of the social because they serve the purposes of the mercantile, capitalist machine. Capitalism is a faith based system which is more religious than scientific and, as such, it needs to rely on all of the coercive tools of government – schools, media/propaganda, wages/factories, law/prisons, etc. – in order to survive. The good news is that every carrot needs a stick and capitalism has also been forced to build a half-decent socio-economic network to help placate people.

Thanks mainly to advances in communications technology this network is largely self-sufficient – most fuck-ups are caused by managers and bureaucrats who are now largely obsolete, but the jobs are kept in place to keep the middle-class busy. Imagine if we take control of these systems to level the playing field. Imagine, for instance, if the dole offices and the nationlised banks were utilised for the control and supply of a social wage.

It’s not only bureaucrats and MPs who’s jobs are now obsolete thanks to technology; capitalism has provided us with the seeds of it’s own demise!

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