AR Heathcote, Sheffield

It has been looking at us saying well do you want to come in? And we have been saying yes please, there has been times it has been open, (we missed them) other urban explorations have been done, graph artist have added there bit, this was sometime ago because they look like some actiant cave paintings.

So on a awesome warm spring day, good light we go down to look around AR Heathcote, Sheffield and another cutlery conquest, although they actually made machine knives, guillotine blades etc, as well as “Park” brand knives. A very old works with loads of character, although it has been derelict for many years and mother earth has added her bit.

We walk in, had we been here before? It had that feel of post society all had gone wrong, this how when we read at a young age Day of The Triffids (a classic from John Wyndham) to be in our minds, some years on the peeling paint, light shade with bulb still intact, weeds had become fully grown trees in the middle of a collapsed old lady, the sunshine through broken windows.

It was all here, a ready made film set, for some post society film shoot, it would cost far to much to reproduce this, we wonder about, and no doubt will return for the detail shots, here are some images we took, what is written is all we could find out about this place.






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