Have we not told you before we are not going towards a police state:

This autumn Manchester will become the first city to offer voluntary ID Cards as part of Labour’s next step in the building of their Database State. Anyone in the city who is over 16  with a UK passport (and of limited intelligence) will be able to apply for a card from the Home Office for the bargain price of £30 (if the scheme becomes compulsory we’re likely to be charged 3 times this ammount). The Manchester launch will mark the beginning of the main phase of the ID scheme which ministers say will culminate in cards being available nationwide by 2012.


Have we not told you before we are not going towards a police state,



Here what is planned in the next few months

National Identity Card Act

Requirements to report changes of address, handing over biometric details, system of fines for non-compliance and incorrect data. Holding an ID card or registering onto the National ID register could be made a requirement of obtaining any other document.

Even more anti-terror bollocks

Potential Ban on Photography under new Terrorism Legislation (police will interpret whether people have good reason, so expect widespread abuse. Snatch film and camera now ask questions later). So much for a free press providing a watchful eye on the police.

Borders Citizenship and Immigration Bill

New Customs and Exercises officials with powers of arrest and search etc., reporting directly to the Home Office and Secretary of state (politically controlled police force) Citizens

Coroners and Justice Bill

Data Sharing Orders created under clause 152 allowing government departments to circumnavigate data protection act and request any data about you from any other governmental department for any purpose. E.g. medical records sent to benefits offices to check up on people claiming incapacity.

Communications Bill

Plans to retain all our communications data as part of the Interception Modernization Program (IMP)

Never even mind the Criminal Justice Act, Serious Organized Crime Act, and all the existing Anti-Terror legislation.

Ian Bone and his drunken mates, talk of a Anarchist Movement, how the next few weeks must our time, in there drunken utopia, The dystopia of the working class must be an aspiration, all our class have to look foreword to is the Death of a Wannabe someone, we could only but dream about making The Middle Class History, until then we can only hope the so called unity Ian Bone talks about becomes a reality, but like all bullshit it will never happen.

The following ideas are from No CCTV

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