Capitalism a catastrophe that leaves any democracy in crisis?

I doubt if there is a voter in the land who does not have a view on it. Most of them will be horrified. Debates on the economy are much more significant and impact on our lives in a way that the expenses of MPs do not, but few voters follow detailed political exchanges over economic policy. A story involving receipts, houses, lavish hotels, cleaners, bath plugs and much more has a grisly simplicity that will fuel the existing anti-politics orthodoxy. It looks terrible. It looks even worse in the midst of a recession.

The full (artical) meanwhile the killing of Ian Tomlison at G20, still no arrest, and dureing the week dawn raids on the 07-05-2009 13:27 A number of people were arrested this morning in dawn raids under the terrorism act in relation to the Gaza demos in January, same day people arrested for The G20, as The Climate Camp yesterday (6 May) won an important decision in the High Court on a challenge to the legality of searches carried out by police at the camp in August 2008, near Eon’s Kingsnorth Power Station, in Kent. Three attendees of the Camp, Dave Morris (former ‘McLibel‘ litigant) and 11 year-old twins, secured the right for a full judicial review hearing, to look at whether the grounds for the searches they underwent when trying to enter the camp, were unlawful.

The basis for their argument is that the police officers searching Dave Morris and the twins did not have reasonable grounds to suspect them individually as required by law, but instead systematically, repeatedly and unlawfully searched everyone attending the Camp. The judges presiding over the hearing ruled firmly in the protestors favour for a full hearing despite the best efforts of police lawyers. They stated that Kent police had so far presented no evidence to challenge the protestors’ version of events.

The granting of the review could result in a senior officer being cross-examined on their justification for the blanket searches of peaceful demonstrators at the camp. A hearing, marking the start of the judicial review, is likely to take place anytime from Autumn 2009 onwards. In a press release on the verdict David Morris, one of the claimants, put the ruling in context: “Public revulsion over aggressive policing of demonstrations is growing. For generations people have fought hard to establish the freedom to protest against injustice or damaging policies. Police-state tactics should not be tolerated.”

David Bainsworth, Climate Camp legal team explained: “In securing a judicial review Climate Camp has ensured the police will be held accountable for their bullyboy stop and search tactics. The relentless and systematic nature of the searches at Kingsnorth can only be explained by a desire to intimidate and deter people from visiting the Climate Camp. We are adamant that intimidation tactics won’t deter us and we demonstrated that not just at the camp itself but also in court today.”

Meanwhile we are told to be outraged at the parasites named MP,s and there claims, capitlism is a catastrophe that leaves any democracy in crisis? We desire anarchy:

Simply put Anarchism is …

“the negation of force; the elimination of all authority in social affairs; it is the denial of the right of domination of one man over another. It is the diffusion of rights, of power, of duties, equally and freely among all the people.”

Albert R. Parsons

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