30 years on from Thatcher, The Class war is not dead, lets begin to Make The Middle Class History:

Bounce and we are back, harman we nither desire you as government we desire Anarchy, Sisters Brothers kick the police http://smashedo.org Reporter Ben Parsons said: “The police seem to have lost all control of the crowd At least one officer has been seen knocked to the ground”,

We can only hope for more news of the same from The Smash EDO actions, a while back we was asked to sign a fucking petition to get Brown out, what to be replaced by whom, lets be clear governments do not represent us we represent ourself, petitions boycotts are there to ease empire guilt of The Middle Class, the only means we have taking back our life’s and community’s is what we have seen in Brighton, militant direct action..

Well Done Sisters and Brothers long time it was brought back home..

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