This despicable act:

We like to think that we’re ‘unique’ and yet we spend a fortune on clothes that will stop us from ‘standing out’ in a crowd, following fashion guarantees nothing but anonymity. In clothing, décor, transportation and gardening, do your own thing. Come gather ye peacocks and strut.

The old punk adage never trust an hippy become true for us, for a couple of weeks we began a conversation based on trust, our word is our bond etc., there are a load of thoughts in our heads as to why our trust was fucked over and we become shafted.

In this city of concentric circles of bullshit, everyone knows you, or shall we say they presume a lot on their ignorance, often based on history or reputation. They like to think there ‘unique’ but the truth is they’re no better than the other sheep, like lambs to their own slaughter they follow each other, bitch gossip and the word of a coked up fool, a drunken crass fool, is worth more than an angry white working class man.

Following fashion guarantees nothing but obscurity, they become the nothing they are, as they stand in The Washington, the person to them might be oh so working class, but do they stop to ask there truth, time to go powder there noise, never stooping to ask where there drug dealer lives and the impact that they have on the community, the get-along gang are gregarious.

They have time for their fair weather friends, meanwhile their children are at home with another baby sitter, the dog is walked, a promise made, then broken through ill spoken conversation, this verbal masturbation, is all part of the concentric circles of bullshit. We see it happen all too often, then when we stop being gregarious, outrageous, the court jester becomes the anarchist not the fool, cannon fodder for their paranoia, the predictability becomes all too common.

We are human and we all need to be loved, perhaps a little humanity, in a world where there seems little might go far, but informing, the fact of you have been shafted through social networking, is not social, but everything they inform us that is wrong with us, the fact we are openly classist raises some concerns in there heads, because it ask questions of concentric circles of bullshit, take a look at there networks.

We dislike not hate, hate being such an ugly and vile representation of capitalism, to hate the Middle Class, to be frank would be a manifestation of capitalism as Anarchists we have no need to repulacte the very injustice it offers the Working Class, it is simple and as has been proven to us time again the concentric circles of bullshit i.e. the middle class have nothing to offer us.

Our dislike is neither envy, or us being jealous, to envy is to desire to be like them, likewise to be jealous would be much the same. Just why would we want to become arrogant, gregarious, outrageous, selfish, attention seeking and so it goes on, these are the very attributes of the concentric circles of bullshit.

As Class Struggle anarchists we are seeking a better world, we desire social change through revolution, not to become the next bunch of Middle Class, we simply desire to make them history and all they stand for.

Meanwhile the kids don’t get out onto the streets anymore, they stay at home, huddled over computer monitors, anti-socialised dessicated fingers tapping blindly in an effort to find some warmth like a chimp hugging a metal cage for comfort.

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