Take The SWINE of Capitalism with you:

When the signal fails during the advertisement break, who will be screaming: the children in the middle of getting their fix of consumer messages; the shoppers finding out what they can buy on their next mall run; the drivers being tempted by vehicles with more power, more safety and more sexiness; the television sales executives placing advertisers’ messages where they will be absorbed by the maximum number of people; the advertisers creating the adverts that sell product and dreams for their clients; the companies that produce the goods and services that make them money; the system that needs the children, the shoppers, the drivers, the sales executives, the advertisers and the companies to all play their part so that the economic machine can keep on turning?

Meanwhile The World Health Organisation’s emergency committee raised the pandemic threat level for swine flu last night after the death toll in Mexico rose above 150, the number of cases in the US doubled and the first infections were confirmed in Britain.

In Israel, where there is one suspected case, the deputy health minister, Yakov Litzman, said the disease will not be known as swine flu, because religious Jews do not eat pork. “We will call it Mexico flu. We won’t call it swine flu,” he said.

We can not but fail to smile as The Pandemic of modern civlisation becomes a reality, 28 days latter, we can but hope the headline reads mass unrest as swine flu deaths increase, once again those who pay the cost for capitlism will be paying the real cost, and in other news.

A Boeing 747 used by the president was escorted over lower Manhattan by a US air force fighter jet today as part of a government photo opportunity and training mission, causing a brief panic among office workers near the site of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Now we take an add brake


Todays news kindly suported from The Campaign Against Primate Change.

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