At 4am the morning of 27 4 09 Tesco branches across London

Were hit by graffiti climate activists, The Campaign Against Primate Change.. As working class (high-primates)we are tired of hearing about Climate Change (the over consumption of the priviledged classes). From the evolution of human kind and the moment of enlightenment our Earth, our Mother, has been exploited by the caretakers of her earth.

Our evolution was an agreemenet with our Mother and our Earth to act responsibly, with love, understanding and basic kindness to all other primates along with this earth we live upon.
From our evolution we have not only failed our Earth, our Mother, but other primates and living creatures, we have become selfish, exploitative and moved away from the basic principles of Nihililism to a world of Barbarism.

This action will cost Mother Earth, from the manufacture of the paint used, i.e. spray paint, what transport was used, we doubt it was public that early in the morning, the chemicals to clean of this damage, no doubt from an underpaid cleaner.

No one but a few people will have seen this, also the image is not that clear, another classic self indulgent act for petulant children have temper tantrums, would it not have been better to have done a flyer and handed them outside said stores?

TESCO ( Sir Terry Leahy, above, is set to defy the credit crunch by revealing that till takings have smashed the £1 billion-a-week barrier.

It will be the first time such huge takings have been registered by a UK firm. Tesco is expected to announce on Tuesday that turnover soared from just under £52 billion to a record £54 billion last year, while profits are likely to thrust past £3 billion, also an all-time high. The milestone comes 30 years after Tesco’s revenues first topped £1 billion-a- year. Since then the company has forged ahead of Sainsbury’s to become Britain’s biggest retailer. It is also the world’s third largest shopping chain. Tesco – slogan “Every Little Helps” – has 2,115 stores and employs more than 280,000 in Britain alone. It also has 476 branches in Thailand, 301 in Poland, 137 in South Korea and 125 in Japan.

But Helen Rimmer, of the Tescopoly ( website, said: “Tesco’s growth has come at the expense of vibrant town centres, farmers and the environment.” The Campaign Against Primate Change, are as concerned about the impact of Tesco on the environment and local community,s but we ask was there any thought to this action, this form of vandalism is no better than the acts of vandalism from Tesco, think about it?

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