Murderd by The Police:

The high-profile deaths of Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes are, unfortunately, merely the tip of an iceberg. Over decades there have been several other deaths of citizens at the hands of the police in Britain. In the Menezes case, the death was caused by direct and unprovoked physical assault by the police The evidence in the Tomlinson case, in particular a video shot by a New York fund manager in London at the time of the G20 summit and passed to the “Guardian” newspaper, also points towards the death having been caused by direct and unprovoked physical assault. In a case such as the 96 Liverpool Football Club fans killed at the Hillsborough stadium disaster in 1989, the 96 victims died as a result of mistakes in decision-making by those responsible for policing the event – although it has taken twenty years for the South Yorkshire police force to state publicly that they were responsible and, as yet, no convictions or charges have been brought.

Adamson, Hayley (Newcastle, 2008):

Alder, Christopher (Hull, 1998):

Ashley, James (St.Leonards, East Sussex, 1998):

Bateman, Derek (Surrey, 1999)

Bennett, Derek (Brixton, London, 2001):

Bishop, Ricky (Brixton, London, 2001):

Brady, James (near Newcastle, 1995)

Davies, Kirk (West Yorkshire, 2000)

Dickson, Steven (Codnor, Derbyshire, 2001):

Dixon, Robert (1995)

Douglas, Brian (Clapham, London, 1995):

Douglas, Wayne (Brixton, London, 1995):

Ewin, David (Barnes, London, 1995):

Fitzgerald, Michael (Bedford, 1998):

Gardner, Joy (London, 1993):

Gifford, Jason (Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 2002):

Hay, Ian (Totnes, Devon, 1993)

Howell, David (Birmingham, 1996)

Kernan, Andrew (Liverpool, 2001):

King, Craig (Manchester, 2005):

Kitts, Anthony (Falmouth, 1999):

Larkins, Keith (near Heathrow Airport, 2003):

Luckhurst, David (Hertfordshire, 1993)

Malsbury, Michael (Harrow, 2001)

Menezes, Jean Charles de (Stockwell, London, 2005):

Murden, Simon (Hull, 2005):

O’Connor, Colin (Bedfordshire, 2003):

O’Donnell, Patrick (London, 2000)

Oluwale, David (Leeds, 1969):

Palmer, Nicholas (Thornton Heath, London, 2004):

Peach, Blair (Southall, London, 1979):

Powell, Mikey (Birmingham, 2003):

Prout, Philip (Lewannick, Cornwall, 2004)

Rigg, Sean (Brixton, London, 2008):

Rodney, Azelle (Edgware, London, 2005):

Saunders, Mark (Chelsea, London, 2008):

Scott, John (Stocksfield, Northumberland, 2005):

Sey, Ibrahim (Newham, London, 1996)

Stanley, Harry (Hackney, London, 1999):

Stone, David (London, 1993)

Sycamore, David (Guildford, Surrey, 2008):

Sylvester, Roger (Tottenham, London, 1999):

Thomas, Sarah (Hackney, London, 1999):

Thompson, Fosta (Bristol, 2002):

Last, but by no means least, there is the case of the 96 Liverpool Football Club fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. Twenty years on, and despite the recommendations of the subsequent Taylor Report, there has still not been justice and those culpable for the fatal errors of that day (and for the dissemination of falsehoods about the conduct of fans) have not been held accountable. Justice in that case, as in all others that are still unresolved, is long overdue.

Fromm, Eric- “The Sane Society”

Ingleton, Ray – “Arming the British police – The Great Debate”:

BBC One – Should police carry stun guns?

Ban/End/Stop/Prohibit/Withdraw/Abolish Tasers:


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