Climate change activists seem to be split into two camps.

Climate change activists seem to be split into two camps.

1. Eco-toffs and their middle class arse-licking sycophants:

These fuckers want to save the planet by restricting the working class to charabang day trips for holidays so that they can continue their jetset lifestyles on the back of working class carbon savings. Unfortunately, in terms of climate, these daft twats have carbon footprints that far outweigh any savings that would be gained from reducing the working class to forelock tugging peasants.

2. Dozy primmo hippies:

These year zero Pol Pot tits would like us all to scratch a living dirt farming turnips so that we can eat them by candlelight – fucking mental bastards. Yes Reinold, I mean you.

We care about the environment in which we live, and the world that my grandchildren will inherit, but the antics of these idiots only encourages me to burn railway sleepers, old tyres, lignite and plastic packaging to spite them.

So we are talking about 114 people being nicked, no doubt some of them if not all of them as said, and what here is not the place to point it out? this is no generalising if what we are told they was going to do ie shut down a power station on a bank holiday Monday (to be true?), a time of peak power, this bigest impact it would have had is upon the working class, those useing the power and those working there.

Of course this was an indirect anti Working Class attack, we disagree with power stations, but simply saying there wrong lets on mass close one down is not in any circumstance going to win over the Working Class, not going to make us think of alternatives, such as wind power etc.

The whole climate change debate is based upon bogus information, no doubt modern life is having an impact of Mother Earth, (yes I hug trees) and I do try and lead a life that work with Mother Earth not against her, but these sad mothers are a part of the problem and closing down a power station is not going to change much, it might get an headline, feed the ego of those involved for a while, no what will change people is direct communication education.

We do take issue with how the Police acted on this, because first they come for The Middle Class then they come for the Working Class etc., how they acted is of concern for us all, but we will also ask was it right for them in the first place to go for a Power Station like this, and we will say of course not, yes due to fact of  US being openly classiest (it would bea  lie not to say this) but the wider impactions of there ill thought out, not planed so well actions.

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