Who’s Press? Their Press!

We just came across a brilliant article by Infantile & Disorderly. It’s shows the mainstream press’ blatant and unapologetic bias towards the middle class and their  value system – a system that claims to be liberal and caring while it keeps so many of us in poverty. Porter shows that unless you fit their model of ‘normality’ then you don’t deserve their full respect…

In today’s Independent, dearest Janet Street-Porter has an article called ‘Tomlinson was no saint, but he deserved better’, which looking at the content, could just have easily been titled ‘Tomlinson was a worthless working class alcoholic, but at least he wasn’t an anarchist’.

Maybe he also deserves to not have his private battle with alcoholism spashed across the media too, Janet. After all, he’s not the one who should be on trial here. He’s the unarmed man who was murdered by an armed cop. And those are the only details that matter.


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