Hillsborough disaster Unanswered questions:

Twenty years on, the families of the 96 fans who died in the semi-final crush are still fighting to force police to acknowledge that changing officers’ statements amounted to a cover-up, underclassrising will be covering this in depth from the death of Ian Tomlison at the G20 Protest, Twenty-five years ago, an accelerated programme of pit closures triggered the miners’ strike, which divided friends and families and ended with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, and the brtalisation of protest, The Hillsborough disaster and the dis-management of the crowd, lead to violance at orgreave and likewise at The G20 Protest.

The cause of the  The Hillsborough disaster – police dis-management of the crowd – was established by Lord Justice Taylor in his report published just four months afterwards, in August 1989. Yet 20 years on, key questions remain unanswered about the disaster’s aftermath.

1 What, in detail, happened after 3:15pm on the day of the disaster?

2 Could more people have been saved if the response to the disaster had been better co-ordinated?

3 Who removed two CCTV video tapes from the locked control room at Hillsborough on the night of the disaster?

4 Why was nobody identified to have removed them, and what investigation was mounted?

5 Which South Yorkshire police officers worked in the unit that vetted police statements before they went to Taylor and the inquest?

6 Who gave the orders for them to do so and what was the stated intention of those orders?

7 Are the documents lodged by order of the government in the House of Lords library a complete archive of South Yorkshire police’s Hillsborough documents?

8 What was Det Supt Stanley Beechey, a former head of the West Midlands serious crime squad, doing on the Hillsborough investigation while he had been placed on “non-operational duties”?

The Guardian, Monday 13 April 2009

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