The smashing of The RBS G20:

I was not there, but from the various photos I’ve seen the police FIT team were clearly already inside the RBS building before any windows were smashed. The cops can’t just walk in and out of empty buildings at will, so how did they get there? I think this is answered if you look back at what everyone was saying – this was the only building in the area without boarded up windows. And not only not boarded up, but with mirrored glass on the windows. Everyone has seen how cops use two-way mirrors on the TV to watch people without being seen. What are the odds then that this building was being used by the FIT team to get good street-level surveillance photos of the crowd without being seen? And that the last thing they expected was people coming in through the windows at them!

Meanwhile, the bizarre behaviour of the two or three unmasked nutters performing for the cameras gives the cops and the world’s media everything they wanted from the day. Now, I’m not afraid to use violence or to encourage its use in the right situations (i.e. where it might actually succeed) but this stupidity overshadowed everything else and allows a determined police attack that results in the death of a demonstrator to be portrayed as an appropriate response to dangerous hooligans.

This is the rbs @ ~12.15:

notice the two lines of police vans, the unboarded windows and the absence of any protestors. contrast that scene with this one from princes street about 5 minutes after the above:

No-one going anywhere there, so why not the same tactics to “protect” the rbs?

well maybe the signage in the top right of this pic gives a clue (it says that the offices are too let if you can’t see it):

So they basically allowed people to be funnelled and pushed towards an empty rbs branch, a couple of idiots smashed a couple of windows and bob’s your uncle, out with the riot sticks and shields and violence kicked off.

Funny enough, even the FIT squad were there waiting…..


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2 responses to “The smashing of The RBS G20:

  1. morris

    I have a very similar post !!!

    At 11.00 am I walked by the RBS, saw it was not boarded up like all the other buildings,

    There are three Police vans outside, and a building site all covered up next door, I take a picture, post it on my blog with an arrow to the building site and the caption: “What is behind the canopy”.

    Then later hooded and gloved men smash the windows of the RBS in.

    What are the chances they were waiting in the building site and the police were giving them cover?

    There was no other place to take cover – thousands of police have prepared – that was next to the Bank of England – there were police every 4 meters – even drains had been checked …

    It smelt wrong in the morning, that’s why I made the post in the morning

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