This is a film is of a stand up protests getting stamped on/kicked/battered, which also happened much later in the dark. we haven’t seen any images of that but we have seen enough first person/eye-witness reports that tells us a simple truth.

There are images of The Police dureing the day and we have put them here. But we’re splitting hairs here – the cops had a plan, and The Middle Class walked into it and the cops carried it out. Simple as that. Except for the detail of whose actual head got whacked, none of this happened by chance. This was planned, rehearsed, trained for by the police. We mean come on, how many times The Middle Class going to blindly wander into these situations and get clobbered, over and over again. Why is anyone surprised at the police behaviour?

From there side this was almost a re-run of Stop The City in 1984, which was a tremendous success and which the cops learned from.The Middle Class didn’t and in 1985 when they tried it again the cops crushed them. Then after a sensible gap, J18 (1999) turned the tables on the police again, another one for them. But they figured out how to stop that happening and The Middle Class  just keep trying to do the same things over again and losing. They analyse what happened and respond, The Middle Class  just sit around reminiscing and try to act it out again. When are THEY going to learn?

From There is a very clear video of the police violently wading into the hippies at the climate camp on Bishopsgate up on IndyMedia. Whatever you or I might think of the politics of the climate camp, or indeed of fundamentalist non-violence, the video lays bare the function of the police force in all its naked, violent, powermonger-protecting glory.

And the individuals who choose to join the police, who then – day by day, situation by situation – choose to carry out orders which include, as here, acting as an anonymous, homogenous bloc of brute force, beating, bloodying, slavering over peaceniks who don’t even defend themselves despite the shields and the batons, well… I think we all know what sort of people they are. I think we all know how big and brave they are when they face anything resembling a fair fight.

Anyway, the video. I’ve reuploaded it to YouTube so it can hopefully get more widely seen:

So when Ian Bone talks and hypes up they took the city, lets remeber the truth here for it will be the lesons of history that hopefully will teach us one thing from all this, this is no victory but another sad day for Anarchism:

Your ill thought out actions menas Ian Tomlinson died during the protests in the City of London 1 4 09 we have no doubt of The Police and how they failed to act did contrabute to his death, he was on his way home from work when he collapsed and is not thought to have been part of the protest. Ian Tomlinson, 47, was found unconscious near to St Michael’s Alley off of Cornhill near the Bank of England just before 7.30pm yesterday. He had been returning to his home near by from working at a newsagents. His family said that he came from a “large, loving family and he will sadly missed by us all. The police are keeping us informed of any developments”.

Of course someing wants doing about the way the bankers have ripped us all off and caused all these redundancies, these ‘Middle Class  just go about it the wrong way.They would’nt have lasted 2 mins back on the picket lines in 1984 .they’ve no idea on how to organise a good riot.They did’nt have any diversionary tactics to split the police numbers to start with, they all converged in one area all the police had to do then was contain them in one place,makes it too easy.Spread out next time,a few thunderflashes do marvels as well(a la Cresswell 1984 the coppers did’nt know where to run that day).

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