Nothing to Fear?

As The Hype over The G20 builds The Toy Town Anarchist and others come from there armchairs for a few days, more bollocks is been talked about by This government, and while we disagree with The G20 The Police, here at home the powers that enable a police state are been put in place:

Members of the public will be encouraged to confront people who “threaten democracy” while more shop and hotel managers will be trained to deal with terrorist threats, as part of the government’s new anti-terrorism strategy to be launched today.

“The approach we are taking tackles the immediate threat through the relentless pursuit of terrorists and disruption of their plots, builds up our defences against attacks and our resilience to deal with them,” he said. He also said that it also “addresses the longer term causes   understanding what leads people to become radicalised, so we can stop the process”.

A Home Office spokesman said the new paper would take account of the way the terror threat has evolved and how the authorities were learning lessons from events.

The terrorism threat level, set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre run by the security services, has since July 2007 been “severe”, which means that future terrorist attacks are highly likely but not thought to be imminent.

By 2011, Britain will be spending £3.5bn a year on counter-terrorism. The number of police deployed on counter-terror work has risen since 2003 from 1,700 to 3,000, while the security service MI5 has doubled in size over the same period. Between 2001 and 2008, almost 200 people have been convicted of terror-related offences.


Britain 2009 (is britan becoming a police state):

Why the police riot? – parts 1 to 9:

Database The Full Report:

No to ID

Right to privacy broken by a quarter of UK’s public databases, says report

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