Middle Class Scum:

Most of the time you read or hear about the BNP, it is from the far left petty bourgeois anarchist most of the them do seemed to have a fascination about them. Now after the attack on Tony Ward, 48, was hit with a hammer and later treated in hospital. they are now in the main stream media, such as the BBC and SKY. No doubt the story will be carried in scores of local papers in the North West, with the picture of his injury. People(those are the ones voting in the Euros in June) will not be impressed by that. The BNP are pushing the story for all it’s worth, and I fear they will get political dividends from it.

What is clear is that the BNP was seriously wrong-footed in the North-west. Not only was it forced to arrange a number of fall-back venues for its high profile roadshow, but the claim that there was “standing room only” at the final location is also an admission of how small and unsuitable it really was. http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com

A thread on the U75 general forum regarding the attack on the, would be worthy of a thread on Storm front regarding an attack on someone from the ethnic minorities. Childlike comments, Middle Class student types gloating over violence (although most of that type of poster has never thrown a punch, or received a punch in their lives), hard man posturing, and general crass comments made it the worst thread to have been on U75

The BNP are tiny and are not about to sweep into NO10. Their opposites numbers on the left seem to be lacking a party after Respect fell apart. They pay far to much attention to the BNP, Violence broke out as 30 people surrounded a BNP vehicle outside the Ellesmere Pub in St Helens Road in Leigh on Friday evening, said police.

Now we agree there will be a time for the use of force, but this is more about macho postering than political action, to defeat the far right, need we keep on repeating this, but the growth of the far right is due to the left petty bourgeois anarchist not engageing with the working class.

You only need to read the propaganda of The Far right, well done to The Middle Class you have once again weakened The Working Class.

Links to some corporate media reports of the event:


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