We can but hope for a few hospitalised Coppers and a few Middle Class.

A protester is arrested at Kingsnorth power station

Protesters gathered at Kingsnorth power station last August may have many reasons to feel aggrieved at their treatment by police. But they might concede that officers had a sense of humour. How else to explain the song police chose to blare out in an attempt to deprive activists of sleep: I Fought the Law and the Law Won.

A report into the policing of last year’s Climate Camp demonstration, to be presented today in parliament, has criticised Kent police for its apparent use of “psychological operations”.

To wake protesters during the week-long protest last August, police are accused of using vans to play loud music that included Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries and the theme from 80s sitcom Hi-de-Hi.

On the final day of the protest the van departed and – in what was taken as a smug gesture of triumphalism – blasted out “I fought the law and the law won”, the lyrics to the Clash’s rowdy cover.

The report, launched by the Liberal Democrats, said the music seemed “an attempt to deprive attendees of sleep”.

The grate unwashed are moaning at the over reaction of the police, well here at underclassrising we can but laugh at these reports, we post them to the blog not over any concern for The Middle Class Scum involved, but for concern that the tactics used will be further used against working class community’s, here in Sheffield our class understand all to well the nature of The Police State and here at underclassrising.net we have been watching the police watch us for a long time now, and with the G2O round the corner, we can already here the bleating of  The Sheep and the grate unwashed, the next few weeks could be interesting, as The Middle Class fight The Police, we will be suporting neither side but enjoying the spectical of the spectacular unfold before us, and we can but hope for a few hospitalised coppers and a few middle class.

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