Record Marples Tools Sheffield

We found this open last year and paid some visits but never got any real images, others did and theyre on line under Richardsons Sheffield, today we was in The Loxley Valley of Sheffield, we landed back at around 4pm and walk past The former Record Marples Tools Sheffield, we had a look round and we had only the Pentax with us, but we went inside not much had changed from last years visits, due to time constraints it was a short one so this is Part One, there will be a no 2 next few days..

Some Background that we have found and it seems we are not the first urban exploration people in there..

The earliest recorded (so far) mention of ‘Marples’ is about the 1540’s, in Baslow, Derbyshire. There the family stayed until about 1750, when they moved to Sheffield. The years 1772 & 1774 saw the birth of two sons, William & Robert, both of whom were listed as Joiners tool makers. William’s son, William (b. 1809) was most likely the founder of the firm William Marples & Sons (also joined by George Marples), later becoming Record Marples. The other son Robert (b. 1801), produced the first of the long line of Joseph Marples (b. 1801). This Joseph being the founder of our company in 1840. During this period there were no less than seven Marples’ companies operating out of Sheffield, all somehow being related

As said not planned and just sometimes theyre the better ones, here are some images then nothing grand but it gives a feel..

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