A reply to the Bank rush at RBS 5 March 2009:

Your Mothers Farthers (Ian Bone former Class War still drinking mates we are told ) was on the front line:

Class Traitor Ian Bone on The NO NEW COAL RBS action..

Twenty-five years ago, an accelerated programme of pit closures triggered the miners’ strike, which divided friends and families and ended with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Ian McMillan’s poem for the Miners Strike

It feels like a hundred years ago, or it could just be last week When they stood on a freezing picket line and history took a turn When communities refused to die or turn the other cheek And what did we learn, eh? What did we learn?

For a year the pit wheels stood stock still, And money dwindled, then ran out But collectivism’s hard to kill And if you stand and listen, you’ll still hear them shout… But what did we learn, eh? What did we learn?

It feels like just a week ago, or it could be a hundred years When the police vans charged with their sirens on through the silent weeping streets;

And they cooked and marched and argued through a mist of pain and fear And a shut down pit’s a symbol of depression and defeat So what did we learn, eh? What did we learn?

The past is not just Kings and Queens, it’s those like me and you Who clashed with a woman at Number 10, who had to stand and fight Cos when your way of life’s being smashed to bits, what else can you do?

As the pickets braziers glow and smoke in the freezing Yorkshire night; What did we learn, he? What did we learn? Buy frozen peas where the braziers burned What did we learn? What should we learn?

Ian McMillan, March 2009

Now the Sons and Daughters of those, and the Mothers Farthers of those who stood along side, are now saying NO NEW COAL, attacking the very people you once suported, who said this was NOT A CLASS WAR?

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