Nothing will change for working class people without significant changes to the class structure!

Yesterday, all around Britain, people was meeting for the first Convention on Modern Liberty (CoML) in an attempt to highlight and counter the ongoing erosion of our basic human rights. With infringements like the abandonment of Habeas corpus, privately owned central databases and the introduction of ID cards we are facing very real threats to our basic liberties, as the CoML website says…

We are entering a dangerous period in our country. Economic turmoil threatens profound hardship and disharmony. Disenchantment with politics is growing and even legitimate protest is threatened by an unprecedented programme of challenges to our rights, freedoms and democracy. Sixty years ago Britain was a proud co-author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Now it is increasingly centralized, abandoning its historic principles some of which date back to the Magna Carta.

More must add a word of caution though, among the partners involved with the convention – groups like No2ID and Liberty – are none other than our old class enemies, The Countryside Alliance. They have argued their case for joining the convention here and here, but we have our own feelings on the matter…

Come tell me and mine about ‘liberty’, John Jackson, come tell us of our ‘rights’. Being from an ex-mining community we’d love to hear how you and yours are going to help us after all these years. Your true colours shone through with the statement – “Coal mining was a huge rural industry and it was right that it yielded, finally, to the pressure for economic efficiency.” When, in fact the miners were crushed because they posed a very real obstacle to the neo-liberal gravy train – which has now derailed itself to spectacular effect
‘Liberty & Livelihood’ reflects John’s somewhat romantic view of a doff-capping, forelock-tugging, passive workforce happy as Larry in their service to the well deserving rich. But the countryside I know is a very different place where the stark realities of our still blatantly class divided society are like open sores on John’s ‘green and pleasant land’. Liberty without equality is no liberty at all. When the Countryside Alliance talks of ‘rights’ it is like the mention of ‘rope’ in the house of a hanged man.

Meanwhile the hype over The G20 meeting gose on todays head line:


Make The Middle Class History (aka do not work with them)

The G20 MELTDOWN site announces 4 starting points to converge on the city on April 1st – starting from these 4 stations at 11am – Moorgate, London Bridge, Liverpool street and Cannon Street. Also calling for a GENERAL STRIKE on the day. I’ll be interviewing CHRIS KNIGHT about the Meltdown and the GOVERNMENT OF THE DEAD on Resonancefm. Unmissable radio. It looks like the March 28th TUC marchwill be BIGGER THAN THE POLL TAX RIOT!

So we are told by Ian Bone, come on comrade look towords whome you are joining forcess with, 25 years on from when The Miners’ Strike (1984–1985) began, these are the very people who are saying no new coal there the ones that brought you climate camp these people are not the new class war, there the middle class the very root of our problems.

When we RIOT it has to be on our terms, not on threes or the state, we need to RIOT THROUGH SUBERBIA and as well as roasting a fat banker or 2 we need to add more meat to the feast in the form of The Middle Class..


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