Sheffield Crown Court 18 2 09:

It is a 5.30am start for some of us, we meet and check our gear is working, power supply, torches, the mobiles in credit and charged, ropes checked and we are off, walking in the early rain of a Feb daybreak. All four are nervous, that’s a good indication of how serious we are taking this, the last time 2 of us were here was 1994, on a charge of theft by finding, back then it was not named urban exploration, it was just an interest in empty spaces, we should have left the carpet tiles, but lessons learned..

We arrive at Sheffield Crown Court, former Town Hall, our access made more mad due to overnight rain, we was not going to wait for another chance, it was now as we had waited 2 weeks for the snow to go, we are inside and head torches on.

We do a walk round, suss out the lay out of the building, we joke in our hyped up state, then gather back where we began, now for some images we slowly go through the former Crown Court, a lot has changed since this last exploration, junkies and other low life had begin to take this grand old lady apart, aided by the decay of time and Mother Earth.

Under foot is not of ease, we walk with care checking each other, The Clock Tower a temptation was there before us but sometimes you resist such delights and there might be another day, the rain had added to the post society feel of this place.

We do the cells, and we all find them to be more at ease than the rest of this place, back up to our access point and exit, it is now 9am, 1 hour and half since we got in, we go for coffee and talk about our little exploration, three years in the waiting for this one and we had done it.

Thanks to friends in Sheffield, other urban exploration people for the info advice and support and we all know we must have been a pain last few weeks, but seeing the images we hope you understand the addiction and need in all of this.

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