Guest and Chrimes Brass founders and Manufacturers

The first maker of water taps, James Payne, owned a small factory in Water Lane. Peter G Chrimes, a plumber in the town, patented an improvement in these taps, and for the purpose of manufacturing them, founded the firm of Guest and Chrimes.

According to directories, Edward Chrimes senior was in business as a plumber and glazier in Bridgegate, Rotherham during 1814-1817. Between 1822-1833 directories show the business at Market Place and by 1837 the title became ‘Edward Chrimes and Sons’. His sons were Edward jnr, Richard and Peter but it is not clear whether they were all continuously associated with the same business throughout the next eight years.

In 1841, directories list ‘Peter and Edward Chrimes’. In 1842 Edward senior, is described as a maltster when he and Richard guaranteed loans to Peter and Edward jnr. The same year Richard appears to be running his own business in Sheffield. The apprentice agreements between November 1844 and February 1845 were made by all three brothers and a directory lists ‘Chrimes Brothers’ in 1845, with the first mention of brassfounding business.

More Guest and Chrimes Brass founders and Manufacturers

Past Explorations

Been looking at this for three plus years, first there was a lot of security, then part demolition, it is over the road from the Police Station, it was going to be an hard one, shame we missed it when it had more there, this said this was a nice easy exploration, though access was a stealth-like act.

We was in, a wander round get the feel for the place, then onto some images
there are upper floors but we could not access them today.. a return with ropes, torches and more people.

Here are The Images then:

Another good one more @

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