Police Seize UK Indymedia Server (Again)

Think about it we explore empty spaces, we publish the images of them- we uncover the hidden world around us that the state do not desire us to know about such as www.highroydshospital.co.uk we protest are active as anarchist, we are phtographers words smiths film makers (media anarchist if you like) we run our own server as dose indymedia as dose urban 75, we are active for the freedom of speach though we might not agree with the Animal Rights Loons and there crass actions of intimidation..

Police Seize UK Indymedia Server (Again)

Indymedia targeted

On 22 January 2009 an Indymedia server was seized by the Police in Manchester. The warrant was issued by a Judge to Kent Police. This was probably related to postings about the recent SHAC trial.

Kent Police had e-mailed imc-uk-contact in the morning requesting that personal information about the judge in the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) trial be removed from the site. However this information had already been quickly removed in line with IMC UK policy. The e-mail also requested information relating to the poster be retained. Indymedia as an open posting news service does not log such information about its sources.

The warrant, as yet not seen by Indymedia, was we believe, specifically for this one server colocated in Manchester which is a mirror of the site. So it can only be concluded that the judge didn’t check the legality and validity of the request to remove it, and that the police wanted to attack the infrastructure within the UK.

Other sites that have been affected as a result of this seizure include London Indymedia, the global Indymedia documentation project server, la Soja Mata – an anti-GM soya campaign focusing on South American development, Transition Sheffield and a Canadian campaign against the 2010 olympics.

underclass rising take joy in urban exploration:

What is Urban Exploration? -To us Urban Exploration is discovering what lays in our derelict society behind those closed doors and tucked away areas of our towns, cities and countryside. You can find military ruins and bunkers from the World War II and the cold war, abandoned mental asylums and derelict industries – an absence of the current order.

These places are unlikely to be seen by the everyday public and as redevelopment occurs these places will be lost forever, taking their history and secrets with them. Ignorant people stereotype “Urban Explorers” as young teenage males with nothing better to do than “break into buildings”. They couldn’t be more wrong

Urban Exploration is simply the idea we could enter that secret world and never return; or, better, that we could burn away this one, to reveal the one beneath entirely..

When The Police Seize the UK Indymedia Server, it should concern us all involved in the struggle for social change (see http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/01/419838.html) we are often stopped & searched, asked what we are doing, even when we are not in a empty building see (http://underclassrising.net/insides/index.html) we know carry a laminated copy of this http://www.sirimo.co.uk/ukpr.php a while ago we updated our url and now we have link to Photographers Rights And The Law In The UK from photographers

To the recent protest on Gaza the police state is with us, this is no conspiracy we neither agree with the animal rights tatics to some degree it is given justification to the increasing big brother state that is slowly creeping up on us.

We have had debate, with the creeping censorship at indymedia and we can only hope there is a realisation not only from Indymedia that we need to act, we know all to well, as we also run our own servers that suffered an attack and no doubt from The State in concern about us publishing news from Gaza they did not desire the wider population to see you only need to have watched UNSEEN GAZA

Jon Snow examines the difficulties that news organisations around the world have faced in reporting the violent conflict in Gaza. Who is getting the true picture of events as they happen?

To understand why this happend to us, the removal of The Indymedia Server (no matter the reasons) should awaken us all who value places like urban 75..

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

George Orwell
The government is trying to remove all limits on use of your private information by officials. This means taking your information from anywhere and passing it anywhere they like – including medical records, financial records, ID information. For their own convenience, officials want to cancel all rules of confidentiality in order to allow information obtained for one purpose to be used for anotherThis is what we meant by “the database state”. It is now a threat not a theory http://www.no2id.net/datasharing.php.

There was no warrent and the document left by the police

23.01.2009 16:02

Receipt the police left, UK Grid names blacked out
Receipt the police left, UK Grid names blacked out

The people at UK Grid say that asked the police for a warrant, the police said they didn’t have one but could get one after a phone call. It appears that the machine was handed over by UK Grid without a warrant being served.

Suspicous Minds

23.01.2009 14:50

This whole business benefits the prosecution of the SHAC people more than anything else. Would an AR activist really be so utterly fucking stupid right now… and be that stupid and have obtained that kind of info!? It’s pretty sensitive and deep information for some random person to be bandying about willy nilly.

It’d be the blindingly obvious thing to do if you wanted to harm SHAC and or Indymedia… And the fact there is no IP logging makes it even better as then the dangerous suspect will probably remain “at large”…

I also find it suspicious how the person was trying to goad/incite people into supporting their crap.

However, if it was frame up job it wasn’t very well done, so I’d guess it was some rent-a-lackey… but I suppose it didn’t have to be well done to achieve its aims.

Yes, I agree, I think this place should think about relocating to beyond the jurisdiction of the UK authorities



  • An anonymous user posts a comment containing the home address and telephone number of Judge Butterfield, who a few days previously had sentenced seven animal rights activists to a total of 50 years between them in prison.
  • The comment is reposted by the same or another anonymous user.
  • A Detective Sergeant from Kent police contacts the person who holds the hosting contract with the ISP UK Grid. He advises the officer to contact Indymedia UK via the imc-uk-contact email list.


  • A Detective Sergeant from Kent police contacts Indymedia on the imc-uk-contact list and requests the removal of the two comments containing details about Judge Butterfield.
  • The details in question had already been removed from the first post in compliance with the Indymedia UK privacy policy.
  • The personal information is also removed from the second post as soon as the email from the police is received. No Indymedia UK administrators had been aware of this post prior to the police email being sent.
  • Indymedia UK is informed by UK Grid that the police are on the way to the hosting facility, and that the police say they have a warrant for the Indymedia UK server. Staff at UK Grid say that they will ask to see the warrant when the police arrive – and before they give them the hardware – and will keep a copy of the warrant to give to Indymedia UK.
  • In the afternoon, Kent police arrive at UK Grid’s hosting facility. UK Grid said that no search warrant was provided, and that they initially refused to hand over the server without a warrant. UK Grid claim that in response to this refusal, the police said that they could phone and get a warrant. At that point UK Grid management caved in and the server was handed over to the police. The police left a receipt for the machine.
  • Throughout the evening and night, Indymedia UK volunteers are busy restoring the affected websites from backups. London Indymedia was back up by 22:00 GMT – less than 12 hours after it had gone offline.


  • Kent police tell Indymedia’s lawyer via telephone that a warrant had been issued, signed by a senior police officer.


A collection of international media coverage on the 2009 Indymedia Server Seizure

Indymedia Coverage

Most of the early Indymedia articles are based on the original IMC UK feature.

[en] 22.01.09 – Indybay – “Indymedia UK Server in Manchester Seized By Police”
[cat] 23.01.09 – IMC Barcelona – “Servidor d’Indymedia UK segrestat per la policía”
[en] 23.01.09 – IMC UK – “Police Seize UK Indymedia Server (Again)”
[po] 23.01.09 – CMI Brazil – “Polícia apreende novamente servidor do Indymedia Reino Unido UK”
[de] 23.01.09 – IMC Germany – “Spiegelserver von Indymedia UK beschlagnahmt”
[en] 23.01.09 – IMC Athens – “Police Seize UK Indymedia Server (Again)”
[en] 23.01.09 – IMC Ireland – “INDYMEDIA IMC UK Server seized”
[en] 23.01.09 – IMC New York – “Indymedia server seized”
[po] 23.01.09 – IMC Poland – “UK: kolejne przejęcie serwerów Indymediów”

[it] 24.01.09 – IMC Switzerland – “Inghilterra Sequestrato server di Indymedia”

Other Coverage

[en] 23.01.09 – The Register – “Police seize Indymedia server (again). Linked to animal rights extremism case?”
[en] 23.01.09 – SchNews – “Are you being served”
[de] 23.01.09 – Gulli – “Polizei beschlagnahmt Server”

[de] 24.01.09 – Annalist – “Indymedia-Server wegen “Öko-Terrorismus” beschlagnahmt”
[de] 24.01.09 – heise online – “Erneut Beschlagnahme von Indymedia-Server in Großbritannien”

When the bristol IMC server was seized in 2005 it took 3 months for it to be returned, and the police confirmed that they got no useful information from it related to the posting concerned – so there’s no reason for the police this time to think they would be able to get any useful information either. [bristol indymedia wiki]

Seeing as it is NECTU officers that seized the equipment, it’s perfectily reasonable to assume that this is a deliberate part of their campaign against animal rights campaigners, and any organisation they perceive to be supporting them… a campaign that NECTU are moving on to ‘ECO TERRORISTS‘ like Earth First, Smash EDO etc. and essentially all the anti-authoritarian / confrontational protest groupings that Indymedia particularly covers.

NECTU are not mounting standard police operations, if they were then they’d not be briefing the media against Earth First, falsely labelling them as Eco Terrorists and even feeding government ministers misleading information about police injuries at climate camp etc.

NECTU is essentially a progression from the Special branch and met campaigns against the likes of Reclaim The Streets, anti GM campaigners, Earth First, etc. and further back CND who they actually infiltrated with undercover officers. They are highly politicised, and highly media savvy, with a long history of briefing the media in advance to get public opinion onside for when they decide to batter the protestors… to think they’d not understand the significance of them seizing an IMC server is just severe naivity IMO.

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