Anarchist Squatters Storm..

Read the headline in The Sheffield Telegraph, meanwhile in The Star it read Fury As Anarchists Occupy Works, neither are true and based on lies fed to the owner Gerald Duniec from a far left wing member of The Socialist Workers Party, working as a conservation officer for Sheffield City Council.

Just the same lies of feeding the persons name to Mr Gerald Duniec. The actions from a member of staff who works for Sheffield City Council’s Conservation team is crass of whom we have no doubt gave the information to Duniec such as our comrades name and the fact he also is an active Squatter.

This information could have only come from this source, a letter of complaint has been sent to Sheffield City Council, regarding their actions, also highlighting the fact and consequence of their actions, we have no doubt the aim was to discredit our comrade Mr M M Wallis, not withstanding the fact he has placed the safety of Mr M M Wallis at risk along with his friends.

There was never any intent other than to leave footprints, take photographs of George Barnsley and Sons Ltd. (founded 1836) Who was in Cornish Place on the River Don and specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers.

George Barnsley and Son is listed in the 1837 Sheffield directory as a file manufacture situated on Wheeldon Street, The 1849 listing records a move to Cornhill and the 1852 to Cornish Works, Cornish street they had by this time also increased their product range to include steel files, shoes and butchers knives.

They are again listed in 1944 as manufactures of files and blades shoe knives and leather workers tools. In the 1948 listing the business had become George Barnsley and Son Ltd
George Barnsley died at his home at No 30 Collegiate Crescent on 30th March 1958, he lived there with his wife Mabel and mother-in-law Elizabeth. He was a partner in the firm which were steel and file manufacturers and the business was converted into a limited company about 10 years before his death.

He had a long army career, joining up in 1896 and serving in the Boer war and two world wars. Colonel Barnsley played a leading part in the development of the Army Cadet Force in Sheffield. He Died Aged 83.

One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in1883, are these not the facts that should be focussed upon, instead of the lies and what amounts to sensationalist headlines and lazy journalist, who sooner run with a story not based on the whole truth.
We have spent a year in looking into This Former Grand building now a neglected grade 2 listed building, it was through a open door, that the real truth of her past became clear. Never did we unscrew any part of this building, that would be damage a blatant disregard for the building, did the article ask how secure was this building?

We are not quite sure what Mr Duniec is so mad about, the building has been left to rack and ruin for many years and if a bunch of so called Anarchists were to squat it at least the building would have a use instead of being quietly left to crumble. As for breaking in- we simply opened the unlocked back door and walked in, we took nothing and disturbed nothing. Its actually quite a time warp in there, very Dickensian.
So it has been admitted that by a simple act of removing screws, we could have broken into this Grade 2 Listed building, if we had been with other intent, a common problem of metal theft in this area, you only need to speak with local business, not so long ago there was theft from Kelham Island Industrial Musician of metal.

You can see how insecure this building is by the unpublished images, we chose not to publish them as it would be highlighting the ease of how we got in, there are also many other unpublished images for much the same reasons, we publish them to highlight to crass comments of Mr Gerald Duniec and how allegedly secure this place is, much the same reason we spent an hour with The Community Police officer and a city ambassador highlighting the insecurity of this place.

No we was people with a interest in the social political history of not only this area, but this building, but the truth and fact, of how Mr Gerald Duniec has left this place to rot and ruin should never come in the way of a good story should it.

We took the action to document this important building and the part it has played in The making of Sheffield, we have learnt from the past neglect and total disregard that has been all to omnipresent, that forced some of us to take the action we did, we would sooner feel when we talk with Sheffield City Councils Conversation Team, they would take action but time again we have been proven that our action was the right one to take, this has only proven itself more in regard of them talking and spreading lies and propaganda to discredit our actions.

As with the open door we walked through, we invite Sheffield City Councils Conversation Team to open a proper conversation regards the alarming demise of buildings such as Cornish Place, and looking towards acting to saving them, we can only hope that a positive move forward comes from the events of the last few weeks.


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  1. no one said so, did you read? and why not post under your real name, but then the tone and comments you can tell who has written this..

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