Union Carbide Sheffield United Kingdom Summer 2008..


We as me in Deck Chair Hippy, DeeDah, Warren D, Dan H, Tony G.. Have been going here for over 6 years.. In the last couple of years demolition has began with rumours of an housing estate Union Carbide was involved in Bhopal This place is big and you need time, a relaxed mind (not drunk or stoned) good footwear and if you are going to climb then ropes and people with know how, plus parts of live during working days. There is security at the far end of the sight.


How to get there is a hard one, we do not recommend you walk down Clay wheels Industrial Estate itself, Clay wheels grew during the 2nd world war and we say walk back this way. Our Visit Bank Holiday Monday we walked past security gave a blag cover and was out.


Take a Tram to Middlewood, now turn left on your right is an housing estate walk on past, now on your left is The former Middlewood Hospital former asylum (good when derelict) keep waling there is now a park on your right and a incline with housing on top on your right walk to the bus stop on your left side, in front should be a public footpath sign follow down now on your left is the river don keep walking to the bridge.


Now turn left of the bridge now a narrow path (sometimes muddy) on you right is Bealey Woods, keep walking down and soon you will come to a fence, there is often a hole just keep looking one we used bank holiday was mid way down, just a little left of a lay-by in the road.


There is security on sight, and part CCTV (this looking over this lot)


He is static told not to move call the police, you are only doing trespass it is a civil matter. Make up some bullshit or say what you were doing and more often than not they will let you off. Of course you can leave by The Fence.



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